Diving Tourism

“Hope the voyage is a long one.
May there be many a summer morning when,
with what a pleasure, what a joy,
you come into harbors seen for the first time;”
From the poem “Ithaka” by Constantine Kavafy

Dive into history exploring an underwater museum with the help of “Hydrovius” expert diving team were you can discover a great number of planes and boat wrecks from WW2 in the silent environment of the crystal clear waters of Leros Island.

Hydrovius is a certified diving center that has the knowledge, the experience and the equipment to provide guided dives to the many interesting historical and natural dive sites, as well as amazing ecosystems, underwater caves, reefs and walls with coral and amazing underwater colors.

The dives are always supervised by experienced instructors and are made from the beach or from a boat. Any person from the age of 8 years old, can dive or take a course, the only condition is that he or she is in good health.
The center offers also night dives.

Dive …
To a German landing vessel type H. The vessel is cut in half by an explosion, and various portable equipment lies still around it on the seabed.
To a Greek ship that was under command by the Italians, and used to drag the antisubmarine net.
To the antisubmarine net, placed by the Italians at the entrance to the natural harbor of Lakki. To the shaft of a German bomber Henkel 111.
To the legendary Greek destroyer “Queen Olga” which sank 26/09/1943 at port of Lakki, beaten in the first attack of the German Luftwaffe. A dive with a special historical interest. *
To a Junker 52, a German transport aircraft.
To an Italian barge. *
To a landing ship.
To a cave with beautiful fauna, to reefs with corals and many other places.

If you enjoy scuba or you would like to dive in for the first time, Leros Travel can help you organize your adventure in every detail .