• Lakki, Dodecanese, Greece
  • +30 22470 25000

How to come

Olympic Air


Direct flights from Athens International Airport ( E.Venezelos) to Leros

The flight time is 45 minutes, 1-2 flights daily, 7 days a week.

There are also flights to Leros from: Rhodes, Kos, Kalymnos and Astypalaia.

For direct reservation and flight schedule you can enter here: www.olympicair.com

Blue Star Ferries

There are regular ferry connections to Leros with the main port of Athens (Piraeus) serving Patmos,

Kalymnos, Kos, and Rhodes. The main company serving Leros is Blue Star Ferries with an 8 to 10 hour

voyage, sailing from Piraeus (Athens), terminal E1 (as for all ferries for the Dodecanese).Blue star

Ferries connects Leros also with Siros, Lipsi, Patmos, Kalymnos Kos and Rhodes islands.

For time and date schedule you can enter here: www.bluestarferries.gr


Dodekanisos Seaways


Leros is also connected all year round with the other islands of the Dodecanese (Symi, Rhodes, Kos,

Kalymnos, Patmos and Lipsi) by the catamarans of DODECANESE SEAWAYS. Further, during the

summer, there are connections with the above islands and Samos .

For time tables of the Catamaran you can enter here: www.12ne.gr


There is also a connection with Leros and Samos, Patmos, Lipsi and Kalymnos with a smaller ferry

Called “Nisos Kalymnos”

For the schedule please contact either Leros Travel or at 0030 2247024000

anek sealines

Anna Express


One more fast boat connecting Leros with Samos, Patmos, Lipsi and Kalymnos and Kos islands is the

Anna Express. There are also extra dates that connect Anna Express directly with Kos airport to Leros,

for more information please contact Leros Travel or at 0030 2247024000 or you enter here:


Leros Island will be connected next year 2016 also with sea- planes providing an extra inter island

connection among the existing network

Patmos Star

Leros travel can also provide you with plenty of information in order to accommodate your vacation or

visit to Leros in the best way possible.

pstmos star